Join Herbalist Joanne Bauman for a Series of Workshops at Junction Center Yoga Studio

Natural plant and herb allies are here to help nourish, support and comfort your physical and emotional health.Natural plant and herb allies are here to help nourish, support and comfort your physical and emotional health.

Joanne Bauman is an ardent follower of the Wise Woman Tradition, one of the world’s oldest healing traditions practiced in most cultures worldwide. She says that tradition is what encourages her to use the common plants and healing garden “weeds” that grow locally. Plant lovers are invited to join her in a series of learning opportunities taking place at Junction Center Yoga Studio from June 6 – 10.

“I know my plant allies deeply and count on them in a variety of ways for a variety of circumstances,” Joanne explains. “The Tradition is about practical ways of empowering others to work with plants themselves, rather than be dependent on someone else for some special pill, elixir or exotic plant that grows in another country, or upon some arcane technique that implies you cannot do it for yourself.”

Preregistration is required to attend any of the following three workshops. They will take place at Junction Center Yoga Studio, 3435 N. Junction Road north of Jacksonport in the Town of Egg Harbor. The fee to attend each workshop is $30.

Sign up for all three for $75.00!

“Herbs for Sleep, Dreams and Relaxation” on Wednesday, June 6 from 5:30-7:30 pm
Having trouble sleeping? Need to relax and unwind? Enhance meditation or dreaming? This class is for you!  Many herbs offer natural, non-addictive support to release stress and tension at the end of the day to relieve insomnia, promote sound sleep, and re-establish your natural sleep cycle.  We will also explore various non-psychoactive herbs, barks and spices to enhance dreaming, open intuition. Preparations discussed include teas, herbal extracts, oils, balms, dream pillows, incense and bath soaks.

“Create Your Medicine Garden” on Sunday, June 10 from 10 am-Noon
A medicinal plant garden provides affordable, sustainable, and indispensable herbs to remedy a variety of conditions, from prevention to times of emergencies. Growing herbs to meet your needs does not have to be difficult and can be for yard or container spaces. You’ll learn about various plants to grow, how to get started, design tips, choosing plants or seeds, and how to decide what to plant based on common issues you and your family need to remedy, such as easing tummy upset, aiding sleep, calming nerves, relieving pain, reducing bruises and sprains, easing cold/flu and fevers, calming nerves, easing bites/stings, disinfecting wounds, soothing burns and more. Meeting your own family needs, as well as community needs is more important now than ever!  As Community Herb Apothecary coordinator for WI based Herbalists Without Borders International, I’ve promoted the importance of growing medicine gardens for years.

“Ligaments, Tendons, & Bones Oh My! The Musculoskeletal System & Pain” on Sunday June 10 from 1:30 to 3:30 pm
This class will discuss musculoskeletal system supports, as well as conditions that effect muscles, bones and associated structures. Learn herbs/plant allies to assist in healing musculoskeletal issues, injury and recovery. Herbalist Joanne Bauman draws on both her personal and professional experience with chronic pain and pain management.  Whatever the cause of pain– joint, muscle, nerve, etc. –you can nourish your body with simple easily created herbal brewed infusions, tinctures, oils, liniments, poultices, and bath soaks to ease stiffness, inflammation and improve function and performance.

Joanne Bauman herbalist comes to Door CountyJoanne Bauman is a Kansas native herbalist, a teacher, writer, herb grower and medicine-maker. Her easy-going teaching style makes learning and using plant-based healing accessible to everyone. She is a frequent presenter at The Mother Earth News Fair, Midwest Women’s Herbal conference and Joanne blogs and records podcasts for Mother Earth News Herbal Living. You can find out much more about Joanne at or at “Prairie Magic Herbals” on Facebook.

You may reserve a spot by texting or calling 920.823.2763 or send an email to