What we stock…

Local Produce & Meats:
Carmon’s Gardens, Cherrydale Farms, Pat’s Patch, Sunset Farms Eggs, Kiehnus Organic Angus Beef, Door County Custom Meats, Washington Island Hotel breads and flour.

Alterra Coffee, Larabars, Luna Bars, Clif Bars, Raw-Revolution Bars, Super Seed Bars, Boomi Bars, Dagoba Chocolate, Divine Chocolate,Endangered Species Chocolate, Green/Black Chocolate, Betty-Lou’s, Yogi Teas,Tazo Teas, Honest Teas, Traditional Medicinal Teas, Alvita Teas, Guayaki Teas, Choice Teas, Inko Teas, Nature’s Path Cereals Bars & Cookies, Barbara’s Cereals,Kashi Products, Peace Cereals, Arrowhead Mills(cereals, flour, dry beans, grains also in gluten-free), Bob’s Red Mill(cereal, flour, dry goods also gluten-free products), Amy’s (soups, frozen, kid’s, condiments, also in gluten-free products), Santa Cruz Soda’s, Knudsen Soda’s/Organic Juices, Izze Sparkling Beverages, Dry Soda’s,Crick,Natural Brew Soda’s, Pacific Soups/Non-Dairy Beverages, Westsoy, Blue Diamond Beverages, Crackers, Manitoba Hemp Milk, Eden Foods, Imagine Soups, Lundberg Rices/Rice Chips, Garden Of Eaten Chips, Kettle Chips, Terra Extioc Vegetable Chips, Newman’s, Ezekiel Pasta, Cereals& Breads, Vita Spelt Pasta/Pretezels, Spectrum Oils/Vinegars, Braggs, Annie’s Salad Dressings, Drew’s Salad Dressings, Kitchen Of India, Thai Kitchen, Seeds Of Change, Earth’s Best Baby Products, And much more

Gluten Free:
Gluten Free Pantry, Tinkyada Pasta, Deboles Pasta, Enjoy Life, Ener-G Products, Enviro Kids, Blue Diamond Mary’s Gone Crackers, Lundberg Rice Chips, Bread’s By Anna, 123 Gluten Free, Namaste Mixes, Bakery On Main Granola, Glutino, Mrs Leepers, Kinnikinnik, And much more.

Refrigerated Items:
Organic Valley Milks & Cheeses, Fage Yogurt, Stonyfield Yogurt, Brown Cow Yogurt, 7 Star Farms Yogurt, Next Generation Cheese,Chevrion Goat Cheese, Lisanatti Rice/Almond Cheese, Earth Balance Buttery Spreads, Tofutti, Swan Garden Hummus, White Wave Tofu, Meyerberg Goat Milk, Helios Kefir, Barleans, Mt Sterling Goat Cheese, Mt Sterling Goat Cheeses, Carr Valley Cheeses, Naked Juice, Gt’s Kombucha, And much more.

Frozen Items:
French Meadows Breads, Ezekiel Breads, Rudy’s Breads, Julies Ice Cream, Stonyfield Ice Cream, Rice Dream Products, Purely Decadent,Cascadian Farms, Kashi Pizzas, Amy’s, Cedarlane, Putney Pasta,Vans, Applegate Farms, Toforky, Worthington, Applegate, Morning Star, Gardenburgers Alaskian Mariner Salmon, Henry/Lisa Salmon/Mahimahi, Kiehnau Beef,Authentic Feather Chicken,Good Earth Farms Chicken/Turkey And much more.

Cleaning & Paper Products:
7th Generation, Ecover, Dr. Bronner’s, Earth Friendly, Biokleen, And Naturally Clean.

Vitamins and Supplements:
Solary, Source Natural, Planetary Formulas, Kal, Emergen-C, Herb Pharm, Hylands, Traumeel, Garden Of Life, Sunny Green, Emerita,
Nature’s Plus, Nutribiotic, Nutiva, New Chapter, Renew Life,Yerba Prima, Weil, Nordic Natural, And much more.

Personal Care:
Trillium, Kiss My Face, Jason, AubreyHair, Skin Care & Make-up, Aura Cacia, Tom’s, All Terrain, Solar Recovery, Nature’s Gate, Desert Essence, Naturtint Hair Color, Light Mountain Natural Hair color, Benedetta, Shikai, Badger,And much more.

books, cd’s & dvd’s, incense, and other gifts


  1. Hello! As I glanced your website I see that you do not carry Ear Candles. With over 13 years experience our candles are hand crafted with care to detail and made with 100% unbleached muslin and 100% (Yes 100%) raw beeswax (no fillers). The ‘wick to wax’ ratio is painstakingly ridgid to ensure no dripping and the tappered ends are double dipped for added comfort. If you are interested, please email us back for more information.
    Yours truly, Ann Larsen

  2. Do you carry goat’s milk or know where I could get some?

  3. Yes, we stock goat milk, goat milk yogurt and goat cheese.

  4. We do stock ear candles…

  5. Please check out our latest product at missionmop.org. It is a grren product that may fit in well with your green cleaning products. Thank you, Mary

  6. Hello, i’m an avid drinker of GT Dave’s Synergy Kombucha. I’m from out of town and i noticed that you carry this product. How much do you charge? Is there a discount at all if I were to buy it in bulk?

    Thank you, Courtney

  7. Thanks for your inquiry, it runs $3.99 per single bottle and available on a 12-pack bulk order basis for $3.21 each, but must be ordered by Monday for following Friday delivery.

  8. We do indeed carry ear candles… thanks for your concern.

  9. my parents live in sister bay and are trying to do sustainable living – I would like to set them up with a few products adn gift certificate? for door cty products . is this possible?

  10. That is certainly possible. We have gift certificates for any amount that you would like. We carry many local products inc beef, chicken, produce inc greens, squash, kale, potatoes, onions, etc. We have local wheat and wheat flour maple syrup and honey. We also carry some local body care lines and soaps. thanks, Kathy

  11. Is there such a thing as natural/organic lipstick ?

  12. Don’t see any detail on your “what we stock” list of baby products: food, formula, diapers/wipes, etc. we are up on Washington Island and are in need of diapers. Do you carry Seventh Generation (stage 3) diapers or another chlorine-free option? Thanks.

  13. Hi Kelye,
    We stock Seventh Generation diapers in sizes 1, 2, 3 and 4 and also diapers from Earth’s Best as well as their snacks, cereals and baby food in jars. We also stock Happy Baby squeezables, lots of brands of baby snacks like rice puffs and biscuits, children’s vitamins and herbal supplements and kid-friendly sunscreen in lots of varieties. Now, I will update the What-we-stock page. Thanks!

  14. Hello Marilynne,
    There are indeed natural and organic lipsticks, but we do not stock them. We do stock a variety of natural and organic lip gloss (plain and with colors) and lip balm by Alba, Desert Essence and Weleda. Our Aubrey collection of lip gloss is available in all sorts of colors. I hope you will have a chance to stop in and check them out.

  15. Do you carry bulk organic oatmeal?

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