Order Your Organic, Pasture-Raised Thanksgiving Turkeys by November l4

Thanksgiving tradition upgrade… order and enjoy cooking a delectable, pasture-raised turkey from Greens N Grains this year.

Start planning your best ever Thanksgiving holiday feast with the finest possible main course available… an organic, pasture-raised turkey from Good Earth Farms.

These birds are lean, firm and flavorful because of the healthy and traditional farm environment in which they are raised – outdoors in fresh air with plenty of clean water and uncrowded natural pasture time that is part of their daily routine. The pasturing of turkeys and other poultry at Good Earth Farms allows their birds to live like nature intended. They scratch, eat clover and grass, chase grasshoppers and also receive a ration of Good Earth’s own organic feed mix. No commercial feed blends are ever used, so they know exactly what their birds are fed. This means that Good Earth Farms’ poultry is free from antibiotics as well.

Since it is intended that their birds spend the majority of time grazing outdoors in pastures, they only raise turkeys and chickens during the warm months of the year, maturing them by late September, when they are harvested and flash-frozen. for delivery throughout the upcoming holiday seasons of Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Occasionally they run out of their natural pasture-raised poultry by Easter (especially turkeys) so it’s good to plan ahead.

Call GNG at 920.868.9999 to order by Wednesday, Nov. 14…

You can request a small, an average or a large-sized bird, with the average turkey weighing in at 14 lbs. You can also order whole birds or just breast and drumsticks – all at a cost of $5.49 per lb. Frozen turkeys will be available for pickup at Greens N Grains on Saturday, November 17.

NOTE: “When I recently asked our turkey salesman about the availability of fresh turkeys he looked at me and asked if I really thought that all of the ‘fresh turkeys’ sold at Thanksgiving could possibly be butchered at once and delivered to stores within a few days,” says Kathy Navis. “He explained that regulations actually permit these so-called fresh birds to be held up to 6 months before delivery and still labelled as fresh – as long as they have never been chilled below 26 degrees F. The National Turkey Federation, states that turkey doesn’t technically freeze at 32 degrees F. but at a temperature closer to 26 degrees F, so it’s really more a question of truth-in-labeling that needs to be addressed.”

More about how Good Earth Farms raises turkeys:

Turkey poults (young birds) come to the the farm in mid-summer and begin their days in a brooder. This is a warm place where temperature, drafts, light, and moisture are carefully managed to give the birds a comfortable and safe living environment. The birds remain in the brooder until they have fully feathered, about six to seven weeks, and can handle a Wisconsin summer.

Once out of the brooder, the turkeys have free range of the farm. There are no fences to limit their ranging, only their instincts that keep them close to their shelter, food and water. Predators are kept at bay by the presence of people and dogs.

The turkeys raised at Good Earth Farms are called Broad Breasted Whites. They have a nice plump shape with plenty of meat. They raise hen turkeys because you get more breast meat per bird when compared to toms of the same size. They hope you enjoy eating them as much as they enjoyed raising them.