Learn Raw Food Basics with Chef Cindy Knigge, March 18

Join Certified Raw Food Chef, Cindy Knigge at Greens N Grains Cafe on Wednesday, March 18 at 1 PM for Raw Food Basics, a class on how to take advantage of the benefits of adding more live foods to your diet, plus simple ways to do it.

 Many foods in raw food diets are simple to prepare, such as fruits, salads, meat and dairy. Other foods require considerable advanced planning to prepare. Rice and some other grains utilized in a Raw Diet, require sprouting or soaking to make them digestible. Many raw foodists believe it is best to soak nuts and seeds before eating them, to activate their enzymes, and deactivate enzyme inhibitors.
Despite the learning curve, there are lots of good reasons to eat less processed foods and more fresh, raw or naturally fermented foods. German research in 2003 showed significant benefits in reducing breast cancer risk when large amounts of raw vegetable matter are included in the diet. Another study from Germany found that a “long-term strict raw food diet is associated with favourable plasma beta-carotene and low plasma lycopene concentrations” Other studies show that eating raw foods lowers obesity and hypertension, reduces fibromyalgia symptoms and those of rheumatoid arthritis.
Cindy plans to answer all of the most frequently asked questions about raw and live food. She will provide samples of some of her favorites raw food delicacies from savory to sweet. Participants will also get a hand-out and recipes. The cost of this class is $18, with pre-registration and payment requested. Please, call 920.868.9999 to reserve a spot.