Let’s Get Planting! at Greens and Grains, Lunch and a Lesson with Linda on April 5

Join Door County’s organic gardening guru, Linda Cockburn for an informative class on planting and seed collecting.

Linda will explain how to start your seed flats, how to maintain them and how to eventually transplant them into your own organic garden. Join Mother Nature as you watch life burst out of the soil! Then, reap the benefits of healthy, pure, natural food that you grew yourself.

Linda will cover all of the gardening options such as straw bale gardening, container gardens and how, when and why you might want to use raised garden beds. Understanding the soil, plant needs and learning how to deal with any little pests from insects to furred or feather friends that crop up, will also be touched upon. Then, Linda will explain how to collect and preserve your own heritage seeds for next year and how best to store your harvest. She will also have earth worm castings (soil) and organic seeds if you want to purchase a “starter kit.”

Growing organic produce for 25 years, Linda Cockburn has had her share of ups and downs, learning from each and every turn in the path. Join her for Lunch and a Lesson at Greens and Grains from 11 am to 1 pm on Saturday, April 5. The fee is $5 for the class alone, or with a bowl of natural organic soup, a roll and coffee or tea to follow at the GNG Deli at Lunch with Linda for $9 total.

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