Recent Studies Reveal that Pancreatic Cancer is a Lifestyle Issue, Developing in the Body Over Decades!

On October 29, 2010 Natural News published an extensive essay about the findings of clinical researchers using DNA sequencing of cancer cells to prove that pancreatic cancer takes 20 years to grow to the point where it can be diagnosed by conventional medical doctors.

Scientists at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute found:

  • It takes 11.7 years for one mutation in a pancreas cell to grow into a “mature” pancreatic tumor (which might show up on a medical scan).
  • It takes another 6.8 years for the pancreatic tumor to spread and cause tumors to appear in other organs of the body.

“In all, it takes about 20 years for a person to grow a cancer tumor and see it spread to the point where their doctor will diagnose them with pancreatic cancer. In other words, by the time doctors diagnose you with cancer, you’ve already been growing it for two decades,” Natural News editor and publisher Mike Adams reports.

It was not that long ago that actor Patrick Swayze lost his battle with the disease. But these recent findings show that people like Swayze who appear to be suddenly hit with a random and very aggressive outbreak of cancer have actually been growing it steadily for a couple of decades!

“When cancer doctors diagnose you with pancreatic cancer and say things like, ‘Good thing we caught it early!’ they are full of bunk yet again,” says Mike Adams. “They didn’t catch it early – they caught it late! Almost 20 years too late.”

What it means… Pancreatic Cancer is a lifestyle issue!

In order to foster the growth of cancer cells for 20 years you need to feed developing tumors with lots of refined sugar and it helps to be deficient in vitamin D – because vitamin D halts the growth of 77% of all cancers. Avoid the intake of other healthy nutrients like selenium and shun beneficial anti-cancer nutrients including fresh vegetable juice (on a daily basis), omega-3 fatty acids and steer clear of a wide variety of fresh fruits (including citrus and berries). Continue to eat greasy, processed foods and avoid drinking red wine (rich with resveratrol).

Adams encourages people who wish to avoid creating a cancer-friendly internal environment to “…pursue a more alkaline diet that’s rich in vegetables and green foods rather than acidic substances such as sugar, fried foods and caffeine. Combine all this with some regular exercise, good sleep, stress reduction habits and strict avoidance of cancer-causing chemicals, and you’ve got a recipe for blocking virtually all tumor growth in your body.”

Since it has now been proven that pancreatic cancer takes two decades to develop inside your body, you have time to reverse the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle and and stop the growth of cancer tumors in your body. Just like cancers caused by the use of tobacco and smoking… all you have to do is quit to see an immediate risk reduction.

Start by reducing the intake of refined sugars – switching from sodas to water. Begin a plan to consume anti-cancer nutrients on a daily basis.

“Even a small amount of fresh kale, cabbage or broccoli juice (just one ounce) taken every day will have a powerful anti-cancer effect and may halt tumor growth in your body,” says Adams. “But just to be sure, blend and drink fresh citrus fruits, organic berries, and microalgae supplements on a regular basis. ”

Adams also advises readers to “avoid all synthetic chemicals: Do not take pharmaceuticals; do not use conventional perfumes, skin lotions, shampoos or other personal care products; do not use conventional laundry detergents (they’re filled with cancer-causing fragrance chemicals); do not use anti-bacterial soaps; do not cook on nonstick cookware; do not drink fluoride in your water… basically just get all the toxic chemicals out of your house and out of your life.”

Read the entire article in Natural News and learn how to prevent cancer in the first place.