Aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal or Whatever Name they Change it to… “Coke Adds Life”

The opening Coke Zero commercial is the only laugh you will get in this chilling expose of the dark history of aspartame.

The results of industry-funded studies sharply differed from the findings of independent studies. Of the 164 studies done, 74 were funded by the NutraSweet  industry and all of those studies found no problem with aspartame. Of the 90 independently-funded studies, 83 found a problem.

“When we have evidence that something produces cancer in animals we’d better pay attention to that evidence. That’s a basic tenet of public health. And, the question of how much evidence is enough is not a scientific question. It’s a policy question. That’s what the FDA has to deal with.” – Dr. Deborah Davis, leading epidemiologist at Strang Cornell Cancer Prevention Center.

“Coke Adds Life” emphasized refreshment and tried to show Coke as the perfect accompaniment to food, fun, and leisure. Here are the complete Highlights in the History of Coca-Cola Television Advertising. Life also may include some unwanted complications… we advocate Zero aspartame.