Wisconsin’s Raw Milk Bill moves forward, but needs a final push!

Thanks to overwhelming grassroots support, a bill to allow farmers to sell raw, or unpasteurized, milk directly to consumers is moving forward in the WI State Legislature, but more calls are need to get the bill scheduled for a vote.

Family Farm Defenders has identified two key legislators who need to hear from their constituents on this issue.
Action Step: If you live in the district of Sen. Fred Risser, Madison, (608-266-1627) or the district of Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink, Wood and Portage counties,  (608-266-8366) their support is especially critical to obtaining a floor vote on the raw milk bill (Rep. Vruwink is chair of the Assembly Agriculture Committee.)

Residents of all other districts should contact their Representatives and urge them to press Assembly and Senate leadership for an immediate floor vote, and to vote “yes” on the bill with no further amendments.

Contact for more info: John Peck, Family Farm Defenders, 608-260-0900, familyfarmdefenders@yahoo.com