What’s a CSA? Carmon’s Gardens Launches Door County Community Supported Agriculture

Joining a CSA is a way for individuals and families to partner with a local Door County farm in a unique sharing experience.

Carmon's Gardens Door County CSA
Carmon's Gardens CSA

A Community Supported Agriculture farm (CSA) is usually a small family-run enterprise that markets produce directly to members of their local community. Customers purchase “shares” in the CSA farm before the growing season begins. This advanced commitment permits the farmer to invest in the best seeds, purchase or update equipment and develop a related planting and production schedule. The CSA provides partners on both sides with peace of mind.

The customer knows their food will be raised locally, without pesticides on a sustainable farm. Partnering with a CSA farm localizes the food experience, “putting a face on your food.” Living in cyclical harmony by eating food that is provided in tune with the seasons, furthers an authentic connection with the earth as spring summer and fall crops come to your table.

The farmer is able to focus completely on the task of growing the finest, most sustainable and nutritious produce. In return for a subscription the farmer agrees to grow, harvest and deliver the produce every week to a designated drop-off or pick-up site.

“CSA Partners share the risk, gain the bounty!”

As a member of a CSA you will share in the bounty, but also experience the unpredictability of Mother Nature. Because of the small scale and community-oriented approach, a CSA provides greater ongoing communication between partners and producers of food, as evidenced weekly in the shares delivered. There will be times when certain crops fail to meet up to expectations, but there will be others that come through with unexpected bountiful yields. Partners share a living bond with the land, the weather and the seasons and soon discover that they are eating in a much healthier manner than ever before.

Carmon Mabrey CSA Farmer
Carmon Mabrey

Carmon Mabrey has been a gardener for many years. For several seasons Carmon’s Gardens has been supplying Egg Harbor’s Greens N Grains Natural Food Store and an increasing number of restaurants in Door County with his fresh produce – including Mr. Helsinki’s, Saveur and Harbor Landing. This year, Carmon is launching a 20+ member CSA to serve the Door Community. Carmon’s Gardens will provide CSA members with a real organic food experience, equivalent to those springing up across Wisconsin and in communities all over the world.

From the start, everything in Carmon’s Gardens has been grown under sustainable agricultural practices, fully ripened using no synthetic fertilizers, chemical herbicides or pesticides. Food grown this way not only tastes better and lasts longer, but contains all of the nutrients that real food should provide.

Throughout the 20-week season you can expect a variety of herbs, leafy green vegetables and root crops that include many heirloom varieties. Carmon’s Gardens will grow: asparagus, beans, broccoli, beets, basil, carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, dill, eggplant, fennel, garlic, head lettuce, kale, leeks, lettuce mixes, peas, peppers, potatoes, spinach, squash, sweet corn, rosemary, Swiss chard, sunflowers, tomatoes and zucchini.

A CSA seasonal share subscription at Carmon’s Gardens costs $500 and provides shareholders with a weekly minimum half-bushel of the best quality sustainable produce as harvested for 18 weeks – 1/2 bushel is equal to a standard grocery bag filled 3/4 full.

A share will abundantly feed 2 people. Half-shares are also available for $300, providing the same quantity on a bi-weekly basis. Shares will be available for pick up at either Greens N Grains in Egg Harbor or at Carmon’s Gardens in Jacksonport. The season begins in mid- June and lasts until late October.

A typical early-season half-bushel will include mixed greens, peas, asparagus, garlic scapes and spinach. Mid-season offerings will include beans, new potatoes, sweet corn, summer squash, tomatoes, garlic, Swiss chard, broccoli, cabbage, beets and eggplant. Late season boxes may have broccoli, eggplant, kale, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, carrots, winter squash, potatoes and pumpkins.

Available “add-ons” include:

  • Local eggs by the dozen laid by pastured chickens at either Cherrydale Farms in Sevastapol or Sunset Farm in Brussels.
  • A variety of fresh artisan bread from Heidi’s Breads of Washington Island – baked for the most part with locally grown organic wheat flour in a wood-fired brick oven that results in delicious hearty breads.
  • A variety of Wisconsin-roasted, organic, fair-trade coffees – sourced from Alterra in Milwaukee and Just Coffee in Madison. The coffee varieties are available in regular or decaf.

CLICK for a sign-up form… Questions? Call Greens N Grains at 920.868.9999.


  1. Hi,

    We would like to be the first to sign up for Carmon’s Gardens CSA. We will even come and dig potatoes ourselves, if need be. We will also help pick rocks, haul manure, till the crops, and eat old, dated food from Greens and Grains. We are also happy to bring food from our garden to your garden, sort of like bringing “Coals to Newcastle.”

    We are big fans of Carmon Mabry, and wish him all the success in the world, which he richly deserves. In fact, we LOVE Carmon, and hope to be able to sponge off his garden sometime soon.

    Your Friends from Dutch Country, Doctor Oil and Reen the Queen

  2. Carmon, Tony and I would like to join your CSA. We are returning from our driving vacation in a few days. Email whether and where you would like me to send a check. We belonged to Angelic Organics CSA for many years and are excited to join up with you.

  3. Hi Trudy
    thanks so much for joining our CSA. Funny story, John, the owner of Angelic Organics, was a college friend of mine and they have been helping us get started.
    You have 3 options of how to sign up-
    1. you can print the flyer off the website and send in the order form with a check
    2. We will send you the flyer in the mail
    3. you can pick up the flyer with the sign -up form at either Greens N Grains or Junction Center
    looking forward to your return to yoga!
    thanks again, Kathy

  4. Mr Diboll,
    thanks so much for your wonderful vote of confidence!! as you well know Carmon does not do computer so I will answer for him.
    consider yourself signed up- we will expect you at the farm once a week to pick up your share.
    Perhaps you could bring up some of those amazing prairie plants from Prairie Nursery and we could plant a prairie here at the farm along side the veggies!!
    thanks, Kathy

  5. Dear Carmon and Kathy,
    Thank you so much for your vision, contribution to our community and commitment to Mother Earth, health, sustainable agriculture and well-being. This food you offer is “good medicine” and I am delighted that it will be offered to my patients and friends. Your good work and contribution to our community is greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    Dr. Melissa Nelson

  6. Carmon and Kathy, Congratulations on the new venture !!!! I am looking forward to the bountiful harvest..Sign me up for the weekly fare…I tried to print the info but was not able to do so….I will call you with my mailing info ….This is exciting !! Thanks, I will pickup at the farm….My Best, Sally

  7. Hi Sally ,
    thanks so much for signing up for the CSA! we will be happy to sign you up- just call Carmon 920-493-2763 and give him your info- mailing address, email address, phone #, and let him know if you want any add-ons. then you can mail your check to: Carmon Mabrey, 3435 Junction Rd, Egg Harbor, WI 54209
    thanks again,

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