Grocery Order Form for Curbside Pickup or Delivery

In an effort to protect our most vulnerable community members, we are now offering curbside pickup or home delivery – please do not come into the store if you have been exposed to Covid or display any symptoms.

Please bear with us as we roll this out. It is a first for us. Please call in 920-868-9999 or submit your order using the form below. We created an online photo gallery of the products on our shelves as a visual reference of what we stock. Please note, if you do not see an item we usually carry, ask. Sale items are limited to 3 of any single item per order.

Curbside Service is now available 7 days per week. Call or submit your order below at least 3 hours before you intend to pick it up. Beer & Wine can be included with your items. Delivery Service is available by appointment. Please consider leaving a tip for curbside and delivery staff who are working under a very challenging situation to assist you.

Please call in or use the form below to place your order.

Delivery orders must be a minimum of $50. We are requesting a voluntary donation to cover delivery fees – give if you can, don’t if you cannot afford to. Payment is by credit card or check only. No coupons will be accepted.

GNG staff will call you to confirm your order, including any questions they have, and collect your credit card information (Visa, MasterCard or Discover). Once your order is complete, you will be called with the total and to let you know your order is ready for pickup. Cancellations prior to pickup will incur a $15 fee. If you are using curbside pickup, please call us when you arrive to let us know where you are parked.